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Adventure of Småland
Fishing guide service in mid Småland, in lake Rusken and river Vrigstadån

Holm Guiding, guided fly fishing, casting courses in river Alsterån

Ems-flyshop, guided fishing in river Emån at Fliseryd for salmon and sea running trout.

Fishing Center Alsterån, guided fishing in river Alsterån

GoneFishing, wide range of different fishing adventures in Sweden, guided fishing in river Emån, salmon, sea trout.

Fishing in Sweden, Guided fishing tours for big pike, zander, perch and char on Vättern and other lakes in Småland.

Ödevata Fishing Camp, Emmaboda, offer fishing in nearby lakes, south of Småland

Björn's Sport Fishing Guiding spin- and trolling fishing in lake Bolmen, lake Vidöstern and lake Flåren.

Paradis Sport Fishing Camp guided fishing for pike, zander and perch, lake Södra Wixen

Peter Törnqvist, trolling fishing in Vättern for salmon

Mjölknabbens Camping, Lake Åsnen

Strömmagården, river Ronnebyån, brown trout, pike, bream and crayfish, far south of Småland

Pelle Klippinge/Spey Cast
Flugfiskeguidning i Emån, kustfisketurer efter havsöring i Kalmarsund.

Fishing Guide Service in lake Vättern


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Holm Guiding

Holm GuidingOffer guided fishing and fly fishing courses in river Alsterån that gives you wilderness like fly fishing. I provide local knowledge on best fishing spots, fishing technique, choise of flies and more.

River Alsterån offer a wide variation of fishing, both calm and stream parts, you fish mainly for trout, but the river also offer fishing for perch, pike, tench, bream and roach.
Fishing season 2017: 1/4-30/9.

I also offer casting courses for up to 5 persons. I teach you in casting technique, fishing tactics, where to fish, fly choise.

I also have small selection fo fishing gear for sale, all things necesarry for fishing in river Alsterån. Products from Sameos.

For more info, to make reservation or for other questions feel free and contact me; John Holm.


Contact info:
John Holm
Phone: +46 (0)70-2266907


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Fishing in Sweden

Fishing in Sweden offers guided fishing tours and accommodation in 25 cottages at different lakes in Småland for your fishing vacation in Sweden. Our accommodation and our professional fishing guide Henrik Olsson can be booked all year round.

Fishing in SwedenNo matter if you are interested in pelagic vertical jigging for big zander, or fishing for big pike, perch or char, our predator fishing specialist Henrik Olsson will arrange a guided fishing tour according to your preferences.

Our guided char fishing tours take place on lake Vättern. For zander, pike and perch fishing we will take you to one of the smaller lakes in Småland. There are guided full and half day tours available.

Fishing equipment, life vests and a coffee break are included.

For bigger groups and businesses we can also offer a variety of package solutions including accommodation, conference rooms, catering, activities and much more.

Fishing in Sweden
Paradis Södergård 1
SE-578 92 Aneby

Mobile: +46 76-8152029

Contact persons: Henrik Olsson & Michael Kleemann



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Smålandsfiskarnas Fishing Guide Service

We offer a wide range of fishing guide services. Read about us and what we can offer. And if you hva any questions feel free to contact us.

Smålandsfiskarnas FiskeguidningFlyfishing

Magnus Hammarström is our fly fishing guide and casting instructor. He has a broad track record from his guide service at river Mörrumsån and has many nice catches to be proud of. Magnus is a trained and certified cast instructor. Magnus is the one who teaches you everything about the fly fishing noble art and can also take you on guided walks in rivers and lakes.

Guiding in rivers.
Are you looking for river fishing? Book a half or full day with our guide Magnus and he will show one of his favorite streams. If you have any own wishes regarding water then we will be more than happy to help with this. Just send a request to Magnus in the link below.

Guided pike fishingTrolling- and spin fishing

Time to challenge our Swedish predators? Then you have to book one day with our knowledge trolling guides. We offer fully equipped trolling boats with all the equipment you need. We offer fishing for pike, zander but also salmon, trout and char can be arranged. We also arrange spinning trips to our nearby lakes focusing on pike, zander and perch. Contact us for free quotation and request.

Winter fishing
To sit by a crackling fire and look out over the ice-fishing rods with a hot cup of coffee is calm for the soul. And then when the pike and zander decides to bite, one has to act quickly. This is a package that suits both the company and the family where community is the keyword. We rig up our rods and show how it works so that you can drill your fish.

Perch fishing in Oskarshamn
When the first fall ends and the first frost nights have come, we head to Oskarshamn to jigg fish for perch. This is a fast-paced and exciting fishing and if the fish is biting you have the chance of real big perch. The fishing is conducted from smaller plastic boats with space for two people plus guide. This package includes one night in a cabin, two fishing days, two lunches, a breakfast and a coffee.


Our fly fishing courses are arranged once we have been the right number with participants (6 to 8 people). The course is designed according to the group's knowledge. Most of the course is focused on the practical part of the fly fishing, but as the theoretical part is of great importance, we start the day with some theory. It is important to know which line and rod you should choose and which flies are suitable for the day.

A fly fishing course is approximately 6 hours with breakfast and lunch breaks included in the price. Equipment is available to buy or rent at the camp.

More info on this you can get by visiting our website at:



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Björn's Sportfiskeguidning

Björn's SportfiskeguidningOffering guided trolling and spin fishing tours in wonderful freshwater surroundings; in lake Bolmen, lake Vidöstern and lake Flåren. We fish for pike, perch and pikeperch (Zander).

The fishing take place from a fully rigged trolling boat, equipped with echo sounder, GPS, electrical down riggers etc.
All fishing equipment and life jackets are included. Food and beverages can be provided. Place for departure by your demand. Fishing tours all days of the week.

We also rent out boats (with out without motor) and canoes.

Feel free to check our presentation page with photos from succesful fishing

For more info and reservations contact:

Björn Carlsson

Mobile: +46 (0)70-6798192


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