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Lake, divided by the provinces Dalsland, Västergötland, Värmland. Largest lake in Sweden. Third largest lake in Europe. Size: 5648 kmē. Volume 153 km3, located 44 meters above sea level. Many archipelagos, more than 22000 islands

Biggest depth 106 m. Biggest islands; Torsö, 62 kmē and Kållandsö 56 kmē.

Famous for great trolling fishing for salmon. But also offer great fishing for trout (Gullspång trout), pike and perch. 
South west corner is called lake Dalbosjön.



Torsö Boat & Cottage Newly built cottage for rent. Guided trolling fishing on lake Vänern under highest comfort. We fish for both salmon, trout and pike

Sätra Bruk Manor, offer accommodation in hotel (Manor) appartments, rooms, cottages.


Tourist bureau, info

Tourist Offices in Västergötland

Tourist Offices in Värmland

Tourist Offices in Dalsland



Boat rent, fishing guides, charter fishing  

Torsö Boat & Cottage Guided trolling fishing on lake Vänern under highest comfort. We fish for both salmon, trout and pike. Also newly built cottage for rent.

Tommy Nerstrand, Dalslands Fishing trolling, spin fishing and ice angling on lake Vänern and many other lakes in Dalsland.

Hökens Trollingcharter, trolling fishing for salmon, trout and pike perch (zander). for salmon, trout, char, pike, perch, pikeperch. Spin-, Trolling-, Ice-, fly-fishing and angling.

Sätra Bruk Manor, guided fishing for pike

PikeIt Guided fishing trips, we fish primarily for pike, pikeperch, perch, salmon and trout. We use spin, jerk bait, trolling, bait fishing, vertical.

Mälarguide, spin and, trolling fishing, pike, pikeperch, salmon.

Peter Törnqvist, trolling fishing in Vättern and Vänern for salmon

Böjda Spön, trolling- and fly fishing guideservice in region surrounding Sunne, fishing in Vänern and lake Fryken.

Hedberg & Reif Sportfishing Guides, Guided fishing in Vänern for trout and salmon.


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